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Altrim Data Analysis and ERP

Entering your business data and day to day transactions into an accounting and data management system , while an important component of the workflow, is just the starting point of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ability to extract data and make sense of it, is where real benefit of a n ERP system becomes apparent.

The tools we use to enable Data Analysis and ERP are:

Spire Systems

  • Spire Systems is an integrated ERP and accounting system  unique positioned to offer amazing features and insights into business transactions and data modelling. If you are looking to take your business to next level take a look at the Spire Website, by clicking on the Spire logo on the right
  • The backbone of the Spire system is the PostgreSQL data base, a modern, fast platform, that has the ability to work over many different platforms, besides Windows, including Web based 

Data Analysis

  • Your ability to extract and analyze your corporate data and measure it against other global data sources (Big Data) gives you an advantage over you competition. Together with Spire and various analytical tools, some available in Spire, and some as add-on products by various vendors. Some of the tools are:
    • Connecting to ERP systems
    • Reading Bar Codes into and from the system
    • Various Reporting Tools
    • Filters on data and export of almost all data for further analysis
    • Adding Custom Fields to the system
  • Altrim can also customize data reporting, and help analyze your data against Big Data sources using tools such as:
    • Writing SQL scripts to access data from databases
    • Reporting in Crystal Reports
    • Analyzing data in Pivot Tables and Microsoft Power Business Intelefence (PowerBI)

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