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Are you plugged into a network or the Cloud?

Is your valuable business data securely backed up or archived with multi-month retention?

Do you have Malware Protection covered, and are confident of your abilty to recover from an attack?

?? Is your Valuable Data safe ??

The days when you only had to protect data in your on-premises servers with disks and tape are gone. Now you also are responsible for securing SaaS and cloud-hosted applications such as Microsoft Office 365. You need the ability, power and flexibility to efficiently protect data wherever it resides.

“43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open * McGladrey and Pullen , 29% close within two years. The average cost of a single incident of data loss is $10,000 * Gartner.  Small Medium Size Businesses (SMB’s) experience a median of outages per calendar year * Symantec”

Imagine the freedom to growing your business without having to worry about major or perhaps catastrophic DATA LOSS; it’s a small investment for PEACE OF MIND. You have a small or medium sized business to run. Let us create the Peace of Mind you require and deserve to grow your business by taking care of your IT infrastructure. Allow our Information Technology Professionals help ensure that your valuable business data is secure, available and useful. After all we have been doing it for companies like yours since 1991,

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